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The Original Slashdot F.A.Q. (Circa 2006)

On my author website, I have a Slashdot page with an old joke: “There are 10 kinds of people on Slashdot. Those who see my picture, go back to Slashdot and leave a comment, ‘You’re a fat retard.’ And everyone else.” If you know binary, “10” is actually “2” in decimal. That page was actually a pale…

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Welcome to Kicking The Bit Bucket Blog!

After shutting down my 15-year-old BBS/website/blog, Once Upon An Albatross…, at the end of last year, I put the replacement blog on the bottom of my to-do list and forgot about it. If I didn’t have the time to fiddle around with a personal blog about Silicon Valley and California life, I probably wouldn’t have…

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